MER offers a comprehensive range of fabrication services, each designed to meet your specific needs and elevate the quality of your project.

At MER, we bring together skilled artisans, advanced technologies, and a commitment to excellence in every fabrication service we offer. With our attention to detail and dedication to client satisfaction, we ensure that your project exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Acrylic Fabrication

Our acrylic fabrication services offer versatility and precision in creating transparent and durable components. Whether it’s display cases, signage, or intricate designs, we harness the potential of acrylic to achieve stunning visual impact.

Bespoke Joinery

With our bespoke joinery services, we create custom-made wooden elements that seamlessly integrate into your project. From intricate woodwork to stunning cabinetry, our craftsmen bring their expertise and attention to detail to every piece.


Our upholstery services add refinement and comfort to your displays and installations. Our experienced team meticulously crafts and upholsters furniture pieces, creating luxurious and inviting spaces for your visitors.

Architectural Steel Fabrication

Our skilled craftsmen excel in architectural steel fabrication, bringing structural integrity and aesthetic appeal to your installations. From intricate metalwork to robust steel structures, we ensure the highest standards of quality and precision.

Graphic Signage

Our team of graphic experts specialises in creating impactful signage solutions that effectively communicate your message. From large-scale wall graphics to intricate wayfinding signs, we combine creativity and technical expertise to deliver visually stunning and informative graphic signage.

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