Science Museum – Beyond The Lab: The DIY Science Revolution

Venue: European Union and Switzerland
Project Name: Beyond The Lab: The DIY Science Revolution
Project Type: Temporary Exhibition
Contract Type: Competitive Tender
Project Value: -
Time Scale: -
Design: -

Original Brief:

This exhibition in London, ended on 4th September 2016 but is continuing its journey through the EU. Thursday 7th July 2016 marked the grand opening of the Science Museum’s latest exhibition, Sparks. Entitled ‘Beyond The Lab: The DIY Revolution’, the exhibition will run continuously over a three-year period by a network of partners, including the Science Shops and Science Centres/Museums across the European Union and Switzerland. This was a fantastic opportunity for us and we took it in full swing. A massive well done to everyone who were involved in this exiting project! To find out more about the project, please follow the links below: Why not check out where Beyond the Lab is now? Go to Facebook and search ‘MER Services Ltd’ for the latest updates on its whereabouts!

Picture Gallery:

Science Museum - Beyond The Lab: The DIY Science Revolution 

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