Richard Rogers’ Touring Exhibition

Venue: Various Venues around the World
Project Name: Richard Rogers' Touring Exhibition
Project Type: Temporary Exhibition
Contract Type: Competitive Tender
Project Value: £
Time Scale:
Design: Ab Rogers' Design

Original Brief:

The Richard Rogers’ Touring Exhibition was put together by members of the MER Management Team and the Shop Floor Team. The design was from ARD and was developed to enable the kit to tour around the world. It consisted of custom built tabling areas built from Compact laminate and steel. Because of abstract design of the Tables this was particularly challenging from a logistics point of view. The tables had to be broken down in such a way as to enable them to be packed relatively easily assembled relatively quickly and still be capable of carrying out there original design function. The steel bases resembled branches of a tree all with differing lengths making these particularly challenging to pack. The Team came up with a universal stillage design to enable the table bases to be more uniformly packed to avoid damage but at the same time maximizing shipping space. The touring kit also included various sale models such as the Terminal 5 knuckle in ARD’s signature Pink that also brought its own challenges in terms of installation.   The design, development and manufacture of all of the key components of the kit/exhibition were put together with logistics being at the for front of everyone’s minds. This was still achieved whilst still being sympathetic to the original Design concept.

Picture Gallery:

Richard Rogers' Touring Exhibition 

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